House Pad Construction

House Pad construction and Grading Services

 In Indianapolis, IN

Yard Grade is a professional Indianapolis yard grading company offering quality lawn grading that will clear and level the site for a house pad.


Our experience covered all house pad construction and grading projects whether small or large, and Yard Grade offers hassle-free, fair-priced house pad grading services in Indianapolis so you can save time and effort to focus on other things.


  • Advanced house pad leveling methods.
  • Industry-grade lot leveling tools and equipment.
  • Personalized grading services to suit your needs.
House Pad Construction by Yard Grade

Indianapolis House Pad Prep by Professional Landscape Grading Contractors

    The purpose of a house pad is to prepare the site where a new building will stand. Yard Grade offers services from preliminary rough grading and leveling to performing final grading.

    • Rough Grading

    This is the first stage of land development. Yard Grade will shape your site and plan for a proper drainage system by removing, relocating, or adding topsoil to make sure the site is perfectly level.

    • Checking Soil Condition

    The type of soil can affect the foundation of a structure, so it is important to determine the soil type and condition where the house pad will rest.

    The ideal soil for a house pad is loam soil which is a combination of clay, sand, and silt. This type of soil is better as it will not easily expand, shift, or shrink which makes it good for construction.

    • Lot Leveling

    Having a perfectly leveled base for the foundation of your home or building is extremely important. Our landscape grading contractors will measure and mark your house pad and fill uneven land, gaps, and slopes to prepare the site for final grading. 

    • Final Grading

    This is the last stage after excavating and filling the site. The final grading is a more precise process. The goal of this process is to arrive at the final shape and contour of the landscape. 

    You can count on Yard Grade to provide expert yard grading by our local grading contractors, who will achieve the landscape appearance you want without no compromising the integrity of your home.


    Yard Grade is in the business of keeping Indianapolis properties safe. Our mission is to help create a stable foundation. As a professional yard grading company, we understand how critical our services are to making a safe, long-lasting home. 

    A house pad is an integral part of keeping your structure safe and beautiful. Call us now to plan and strategize your house pad grading project!

    What Sets Our House Pad Construction and Grading in Indianapolis Apart?

    There are types of work that should be left to the professionals. Land clearing, house pad prep, erosion control, and aa proper drainage service are some of them. At Yard Grade, we have expert grading contractors with extensive experience in all manner of grading projects.

    We use quality machinery to prep the site where your dream home will be built. And we follow Indiana building codes. You can expect our Indianapolis lot grading contractors and services to:

    • Follow expert land grading processes.
    • Achieve goals within budget.
    • Give free assessment and fair house pad grading costs.

    The site where a new structure will be needs to be compacted and leveled as well as proper drainage systems that much be taken into account to avoid future, potentially long-term problems. That is why choosing the right contractor is crucial when grading land. 

    As a seasoned grading company in Indianapolis, we can assure you that your property will get the best yard grading!

    Proper site size and soil condition are vital factors to consider when doing a house pad. To get the best results, quality, comprehensive grading, cutting, and filling are required. 

    Call Yard Grade today to discuss your site grading project in Indianapolis.

    A Glimpse of Our Indiana

    House Pad and Yard Grading Services

    House pad preparation in Indianapolis, IN is what we do. We know everything about yard leveling, clearing debris, grading, and compacting the land. 

    Yard Grade has years of industry experience and will tackle your project using the best technology and the latest yard grading practices. Our process involves:

    • Assessing the section of dirt where the foundation of the home will rest.
    • Measuring and marking the ground.
    • Following Indianapolis laws for reinforcing house pad layout.
    • Considering factors like topography, proper drainage, and utility lines.

    Managing pad preparation yourself may not be the best decision. Arrange your project with a professional yard grading company in Indianapolis.

    Grading Off a House Pad? Let Us Talk About Your Project!

    Interested in hiring Yard Grade for your house pad grading needs? Contact our yard grading contractors today! We would love to help complete your project on schedule and within budget.


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