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Leveling and grading a site where your pole barn will rest is crucial for providing a uniform base and proper drainage to guarantee a safe structure.


When it comes to pole barn prep, you can depend on us. Yard Grade is a grading company happily serving communities in Indianapolis, IN. Our land leveling services offer competitive pricing with a professional team and full commitment to ensuring perfection for your home.


If you want to hire Yard Grade for your pole barn project, do not hesitate to call us. One of our yard grading specialists will discuss our services and processes. You can also ask for it and grading services cost from us.

Pole Barn

Are Pole Barns Suitable For Your Indianapolis Property

  • What is a Pole Barn?

Do you need a structure to house your livestock? Are you looking for an economical solution to store your belongings and equipment? A cost-effective home or office? It is a sturdy structure perfect for your needs.


Unlike other structures, a pole barn has no traditional foundation, meaning that it does not have concrete forms. Instead, it has a series of poles that holds the structure in place.

  • Why do businesses and homeowners in Indianapolis choose pole barns?

Many people in Indianapolis invest in it because they are affordable and efficient to build. They are also versatile, durable, and easy to customize — they can be used as a garage, workshop, or horse stable.

  • Are pole barns good with changing climate?

They are perfect for all kinds of weather and temperature, and other factors considered when implementing them are the materials to be used, soil condition, and proper drainage.

  • What advantages can people get from investing in pole barns?

  • Easier to construct. Because they have poles as a foundation, it is not very difficult to build and they only take a week to put up.
  • Cost-effective and less labor-intensive. Overall, it require fewer materials. That means you can save yourself significant hours of work.
  • Have better insulation. Frames of it are spaced to allow for better insulation and to help create better ventilation and inside environment.


Want to build a pole barn and prepare its site? Call Yard Grade in Indianapolis, IN. We can provide the right yard grading services needed for a safe and secure for it.


Grading a Pole Barn in Indianapolis, IN

They don’t have the traditional foundation. The site must be stable and provide extra support. It must be perfectly level. If the land is well drained and has been compacted, the poles holding the structure together should be sufficient.


At Yard Grade, we offer site prep for pole barns.


  • We will survey the site and make sure the area is perfect to build a structure such as a pole barn.
  • Our lot leveling contractors will consider the utility hook-ups and take exact measurements of the perimeter.
  • Get rid of the undergrowth which typically consists of shrubs, bushes, and roots. These can cause tremendous problems in the future.
  • Clear the land to make the building of pole barn easier while taking all necessary safety measures.
  • Make sure the surface soil is ready and does not contain decaying materials that will later damage and make the structure unstable.
  • Fill gabs and make sure the land is smooth and compacted for a solid base.
  • Perform proper yard grading to guarantee the site has good drainage. This will lower the chances of rainwater flooding.
  • Oil tank removal if needed.
Pole Barn

Choose a Professional Landscape grading company for your

Indianapolis Pole Barn

Yard Grade understands the importance of a safe and secure structure. Whether you require help on a residential property or a pole barn that houses livestock, we are here to help. Our local expert yard grading contractors are experienced in lot leveling for service pads.


Starting with proper yard grading for your service will save you a lot of trouble in the long term. With Yard Grade by your side, you can leave everything to our professional lot leveling contractors to provide a headache-free service


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