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Are you looking for a yard grading company in the Indianapolis area near you? Yard Grade is a seasoned lot leveling company servicing communities in Indianapolis. We might be the professional land grading contractor you need.


  • Years of experience.
  • Countless successful home foundation grading projects.
  • Expert land grading contractors.
  • Well-trained and qualified team of specialists.


Yard Grade is ready to grab our shovels and start digging. Talk with our yard leveling specialists today to discuss your project.

Our Indianapolis Home Foundation Services

As a yard leveling company, we can advise if a property has positive or negative grading. Heavy rain or snow melting can cause flooding and damage the structure’s foundation so there needs to be proper yard grading to prevent future, long-term, and more expensive problems.

Home foundation grading is one of the best defenses you can consider to eliminate your worries about a wet basement or damaged foundation. Take a look at what our Indianapolis home foundation grading services offer:

  • We will perform proper yard grading for your house to prevent structural issues and ensure that your home’s foundation remains strong. 
  • Our lot leveling services will reduce the risks of soil erosion by ensuring that there will be no stagnant water in your yard after heavy rain.
  • Our quality Indianapolis land grading will allow proper drainage to keep your basement dry.
  • We have extensive knowledge of common foundation problems, and our team will ensure your property gets the right solutions.
  • Our yard grading contractors can tackle all kinds of grading and drainage challenges. Whether we are faced with issues such as high soil lines, lack of exterior grading, or low spots, we have the expertise and equipment to overcome it.
  • Our grading services in Indianapolis, IN offer not only quality but long-lasting effects. It is vital for us to provide effective land leveling services that will solve our customer’s home problems.

Get more information about our home foundation grading by calling our land grading specialists. The specialists at Yard Grade would be glad to discuss our services and procedures with you!

Signs of Poor Home Foundation Grading

A good incline for home foundation grading is around 5 percent, and although it takes experience to spot poor grading, there are visual signs you can track.


  • Ineffective drainage. This is probably one of the first signs you will get. If there is no proper drainage, your lawn will not drain properly and have water puddles everywhere.


  • Unhealthy landscape. Dying landscape plants are another sign of poor grading. The roots of the plants may be decaying due to excess groundwater.


  • The spongy, soft, or squishy texture of the soil. Very soft soil can be dangerous to your home’s foundation. Spongy or soft soil can easily be manipulated, shrink, or crack.


Poor grading around your home’s foundation can cause costly headaches and is one of the leading culprits for the fast deterioration of the property. 


Do you have the right slope for your home’s foundation? Need to re-grade your land? Are you building a new home and looking to have your site cleared and graded? Call us today! Our team at Yard Grade is experienced in grading around a house foundation with utmost professionalism and efficiency, offering services that bring no compromise to the integrity of your property.

Home Foundation Grading

Dedicated Indianapolis

Yard Grading Company

Yard Grade is not just a grading business. We are a team of local experts and specialists. Our focus is on providing the best quality home foundation grading projects. When you choose to use Yard Grade for your construction project, you are taking advantage of our:

  • Professional and skilled landscape land grading contractors.
  • High-quality work and fair home foundation grading prices.
  • Solid reputation in Indianapolis, IN.
  • We know that the results of our yard grading work can affect the lives of people, and so customer satisfaction, professionalism, and due diligence are paramount to our services. That is why we are committed to giving clients the right grading services.

    • We will leave no damage.
    • We will perform the best grading practices.
    • We will preserve the beauty of the home.

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Home foundation involves intensive labor and proper care and caution. Poorly graded property poses a threat to your home as the structure can shift or flood.

Interested in hiring Yard Grade for your house foundation grading project? Contact our yard grading contractors today! We can schedule a consultation for us to assess your site for proper yard grading and drainage.

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