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Drain Tile Installation and Grading

Many residential or commercial problems stem from a poor drainage system, and such problems will persist and exacerbate without the proven solutions of proper and quality grading and drainage installation.


For professional yard and drain tile services in Indianapolis, call Yard Grade now. We handle small and large projects with fair yard grading costs.


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Why You Need a Drain Tile for Your Indianapolis Home

Some people are skeptical about installing a drain tile in their properties, but understanding what drain tile is and its purpose is important when knowing what you are paying for.

  • What is a Drain Tile?

A drain tile is not a new concept. It has been used for decades in agricultural settings and is being done in many residential properties today as a way to control where water sets. 


However, despite its name, our service is not a tile but a series of drainage pipes or perforated PVC pipes. It works like this: a rain gutter is connected to the pipes which are laid around the footing of a building. The pipes will then collect the water and redirect it to the storm sewer.


The location of the drain tile, spacing, and depth is based on the condition of the site, but other factors to consider include groundwater and soil conditions, land use, and sewer lines. For example, with heavier soil, the drain tile must be shallow, whereas with lighter soil, the drain tile should be deeper.

  • What do drain tiles mean for your home?

Groundwater flooding can damage the structure of the home, so a proper drainage system is essential to avoid basement flooding. One of the common solutions is drain tile installation to prevent water from causing damage.


If you reside in the Indiana area, investing in a drain tile system can save you headaches and costly home repairs.


Another benefit of drain tiles is that they can help plants to grow healthier. A high water table is a bad thing because it prevents oxygen needed by landscape plants. Installing a drain tile creates uniform soil conditions to ensure that plants have sufficient nutrients for their roots to go deeper.


For more information about Indianapolis drain tiles, our experienced team is here to serve. Yard Grade offers stress-free yard grading to all residencies in the Indianapolis area.

Drain Tile

Keeping Indianapolis Commercial

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Yard Grade comprises a team of professional yard grading contractors who will ensure that your property is ready for a new building or drainage installation. 

We have extensive experience with many excavations and land grading projects in Indianapolis, IN. Our contractors are experts in safely executing yard grading services in Indianapolis.


As a trusted yard leveling company, you can expect Yard Grade to perform lot grading with utmost efficiency. You can rely on our landscape and excavation contractors to perform prepare your site for installing a drain tile and execute a proper yard grading. 


You do not have to worry about these again:


  • Mushy or soggy lawn.
  • Mud and soil erosion.
  • Puddles attracting mosquitoes and pests.
  • Ice buildup during winter.
  • Root rot in landscape plants, trees, or bushes.


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We are the yard leveling experts you need! Reliability, honesty, and providing exceptional service are the values that Yard Grade has upheld for years. Our Indianapolis yard grading company and experts in yard grading are up for every job and will manage your lawn leveling with the skills and experience that will produce spotless results.


Yard Grade focuses on personalized services for Indianapolis, IN businesses and homeowners, providing competitive yard grading rates and striving to always meet the drain and grading needs of our customers. 


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The best way to deal with drainage problems is to install a drain system that will redirect water away from your property. With Yard Grade, you will get a properly designed grading and drain system that will also retain the appeal of your property.

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