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At Yard Grade, we provide high-quality landscape grading in Indianapolis, IN, using the latest and best technologies and the newest equipment to provide quality results. We are the professional Indianapolis grading company you need.


Whether you need to install drain tiles or want to prepare the site to build a pole barn, we can help. Yard Grade is a company consisting of keen yard grading contractors and landscape specialists guaranteed to provide top-quality yard leveling services in Indianapolis, IN.


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Proper Yard Grading Solutions for Installing a Drain in Indiana

Drainage problems can be one of the scariest nightmares homeowners can have. If you have concerns about the slope of your yard, consider yard grading. Have a professional assess the site before doing any drainage installation or construction.

What Is Yard Grading?

Yard grading is a solution for leveling the yard that involves creating a mild incline to prevent rainwater from accumulating near the home.

The purpose of yard leveling is to prepare your land either for drain installation or a new building. Land grading help avoids potential flooding or excess water problems in the future.

How Much Does Grading Your Yard Cost?

The average cost to level property in Indiana is around $500 to $5000, however, the yard grading cost may still change based on the size of the project. The site condition and slope will have a significant impact on the land grading estimate too. 

You can always research the industry standards when it comes to costs, or alternatively, you can call Yard Grade. Our professional yard grading contractors will assess your project and offer a fair quote.

What Does Yard Grading Your Yard Mean?

Stagnant water on your property attracts pests and bugs, but land grading can solve your issues with excess water so long as it’s conducted by a trusted yard grading company in Indianapolis. 


Have concerns about the wet basement and potential structural damage? You can avoid costly problems caused by rainwater around your home with yard grading.


Besides solving drain system issues, land grading has other benefits.


  • Lawn leveling help keeps the plant and landscape healthier and looking great.
  • Make parts of the sloped land usable.
  • Prevent soil erosion and runoff.
  • Make lawn care easier to do.
  • Avoid contaminating water to damage the area or plants around the house and prevent standing water from drowning the plants.
  • Eliminate hills that are impeding further construction projects.


Yard Grade is a professional Indianapolis yard grading company. Tell us your requirements and we will come up with the right solutions.

Yard Grade

Expert Land Grading

Services in Indianapolis,IN

Our land grading contractors have extensive experience providing the best yard leveling services. Upgrade your grounds with our IN land grading services! Our grading solutions for commercial or residential properties include:

  • Drain Tiles

This is a system that ensures the groundwater does not get into your basement or crawl space. Instead, it will be directed away from the home. The drain tiles are pipes intended to direct water to a distant drainage system. 

  • House Pads

The site where a house or new construction will sit should go through inspection and clearing. We can help prepare the foundation where your house is going to be built. Our services not only have highly competitive yard grading prices but produce quality results too.

  • Pole Barns

We offer grading and compacting as site preparation for pole barns. Our yard grading contractors will inspect and clear your site for the new build. 


Yard Grade is a leading service land leveling service provider in Indiana that ensures that your grading job gets done properly.

  • Home Foundation Grading

Proper grading around your home is important as it helps prevent the rainwater from ending up in your basement. Our experienced landscape grading experts will perform the best solutions. 


Yard Grade has completed tons of lot grading and excavation services in Indiana, and we handle all yard grading projects regardless of size or complexity. 


Our advanced yard leveling techniques allow us to complete projects efficiently and effectively. The sooner we work on your property, the sooner it will increase its appearance and value. 

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Meeting Community Needs

by Providing the Best Indianapolis Yard Grading

Yard Grade
Yard Grade
Yard Grade

We believe in engineering that will deliver the highest quality of work possible at a fair price. At Yard Grade, our landscape grading contractors care more about helping customers. We want to help you reach your goals to create a safe and appealing property. 


Our Indiana yard leveling services are shaped to meet the community’s needs.


  • Resilience. Our team at Yard Grade is aware of the challenges they can face during any home improvement project and have the experience to find the perfect grading solutions. You can rely on us to plan the preserving of your property with high-quality work.


  • Vibrant. Here at Yard Grade, we value safety and quality of life. Our operations may seem overwhelming to you sometimes, but we can handle challenges. Our team members prioritize the safety and health of all involved in the project with professionalism and enthusiasm. Our yard grading techniques and solutions are tried and tested to give the safest results.


  • Integration. We are skilled in what we do, especially in operating equipment and tools for efficiency, and we let our technology work for us.


  • Consistency. Yard Grade has the best landscaping contractors. Our people are consistently above the yard grading industry average to create quality results based on years of experience.


For a yard grading that can save you frustrations and money, contact Yard Grade. We offer lawn grading that will help make your project more affordable for you.

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It takes a true land grading company in Indianapolis to work out your plans and goals. We have worked on numerous types of landscape grading projects of all kinds and sizes.

With Yard Grade, you will feel relaxed knowing that you are partnering with professional contractors.  

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